Monday, 14 November 2016

TopCashback Xmas Treat Giveaway

TopCashback have another treats giveaway! 

Scroll Down For Clues

I'll post the clues here daily and if you head on over to my twitter where I'll post any extras this I find over there.

There is no easier way to earn cash prizes! All you have to do is guess the daily clues and visit the retailer page on the TopCashback website and wait for the little hummingbird to pop up. Click on him and you may win a prize!

There are some amazing cash prizes to be won so make sure you pop back here every day for the clue

Click a clue to open and you may win a prize!

14th Nov 2016 - Toys R Us
15th Nov 2016 -
16th Nov 2016 -
17th Nov 2016 -
18th Nov 2016 -
19th Nov 2016 -
20th Nov 2016 -
21st Nov 2016 -
22nd Nov 2016 -
23rd Nov 2016 - 
24th Nov 2016 -
25th Nov 2016 -
26th Nov 2016 -
27th Nov 2016 -
28th Nov 2016 -
29th Nov 2016 -
30th Nov 2016 -
1st Dec 2016 -
2nd Dec 2016 -
3rd Dec 2016 -
4th Dec 2016 -
5th Dec 2016 -
6th Dec 2016 -
7th Dec 2016 -
8th Dec 2016 -
9th Dec 2016 -
10th Dec 2016 -
11th Dec 2016 -
12th Dec 2016 -
13th Dec 2016 -
14th Dec 2016 -
15th Dec 2016 -
16th Dec 2016 -
17th Dec 2016 -
18th Dec 2016 -
19th Dec 2016 - 
20th Dec 2016 -
21st Dec 2016 -
22nd Dec 2016 -
23rd Dec 2016 -
24th Dec 2016 -

How To Make Money Searching The Web With Qmee

Qmee is a free browser extension that pays you to click on adverts when you search for an item relevant to the ad.

It literally is as simple as that!

When you are searching on sites such as google, amazon, eBay, or yahoo if Qmee thinks they have an advert relevant to what you are searching for then they will pop up in a little banner on the left side of your screen. All you have to do is click the ad! Most ads will earn you around 5-6p. I have often found that multiple ads are available so what I do is click the top add, wait for the site to load and then go back on my browser. It can be a little hit and miss but quite often I have found that another ad pops up. The best thing about Qmee ads are that you were searching for the item anyway so quite often I end up saving money on my purchases as the ads often show me a better deal or price.

Qmee has also started offering surveys to you too. The Qmee  extension will notify you when you have a survey available and I have been doing multiple a day! The surveys range in rewards but on average I have been earning around 50p for a 10-minute survey which isn't too bad in the world of surveys.

Do you want to know my favourite thing about Qmee?


You can literally cash out from 1p into PayPal!

I usually wait until I have £5 in my "piggybank" but it is entirely up to you!

There are multiple ways to redeem your rewards.

Paypal  (any amount)
Amazon Giftcard (Minimum Cashout of £5)
Starbucks EGiftcard (£ Minimum Cashout of £5)
Itunes Gift code (Minimum Cashout of £10)

I would hugely recommend downloading Qmee as is such a simple and easy way of earning a few quid.

If you would like to sign up to QMEE please consider using my referral link here. This will add 50p to my account at no cost to yourself.

Thanks for reading.

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Monday, 7 November 2016

Do You Want to Earn Money Online? Try Mintvine!

Mintvine has been a fantastic little earner for me this year. The surveys seem quick and fairly paid and you even get points if you are screened out of a survey!

I have cashed out over £50  from Mintvine so far this year and I only discovered them in June! Its only been the past 2 months that I have really concentrated on Mintvine but I think that it is one of the best out there at the moment.

Most Mintvine surveys are mobile friendly so I often complete a few of them whilst watching tv or travelling. I have found that you have to be fairly quick with the email surveys as they tend to go quite quickly but if you are too late then there is usually another survey waiting for you. I've found it really easy to cash out around once a week and I don't spend too long on the surveys.

There is a very quick daily poll that will give you 5 points each day and if you complete 10 polls in a row you will receive a bonus of 25 points. Not much I know but it all adds up. A new poll is available from 2pm for you to complete.
Daily poll on mintvine

Each time you complete a survey you are entered into prize draws for points. There is a daily, weekly and monthly draw.
Earn money online with mintvine

When you complete a survey your points will go into "pending" and will show in orange on your current points bar. If you click on "see all earnings" there will be a date when your points will be approved. Once you have 1000 approved points then you can cash out to your PayPal. Approved points show in green. Cashout is in dollars which you can convert to pounds in paypal. It works out at around £7-8. This obviously varies with the exchange rate but is usually around this mark. It's quite easy to do this once a week if you spend a little time each day!
Make money online with mintvine

I have usually had my payment in my Paypal account within a week but Mintvine does keep you updated on your withdrawal status which is fantastic!

There are also the "offer walls" on Mintvine similar to Gifthulk and Swagbucks. I only tend to use these when I need a few points to cash out or if there are no surveys available and to be honest I often forget they are there. This is something that I hope to change as quite often peanut labs have some great surveys. The points from here are approved immediately so this is perfect if you are a few points away and want to cash out quickly.
make money online with mintvine

If you are thinking of signing up for Mintvine please consider using my referral link. 

If you have any questions please contact me or comment below.

Thanks for reading
Rachel Xx

make money online with mintvine

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Weekly Wonders Link Party 6th November

Happy Sunday :) Here's Week 3 of the Weekly Wonders Link Party.
I  hope you are all having a good week and had a safe and accident-free Halloween and bonfire night.

This week has been an ok week. I finished listening to girl on the train and WOW!!! I was kind of blown away by then ending. I won't add any spoilers as I would hate to ruin it for someone but I would highly recommend  this to listen to or read and I can't wait for the film to come out!

We had a little visitor in our back garden last Sunday.  A hedgehog was sniffing around in our back garden. Sophie decided to call it Lizzie. We put a little cat food on a plate and a shallow dish of water and left Lizzie to eat in peace. Sophie is a little upset she hasn't returned but I've told her that Lizzie will be hibernating for the winter and we may see her again next year.

As the picture above shows, I've injured my thumb. I was in a rush and managed to slam the car door on  my thumb. It's now a million different colours and I have an awful feeling that I will lose my nail. At least it's cold now so I'll be able to hide it with gloves LOL.

Hot chocolates have been my drink of choice this week. Its been lovely to watch tv with a warm drink and the heating on. Nice and cosy.

We went to a fireworks display yesterday. It was absolutely freezing and the field was quite packed but it was a great experience for Sophie. We watched the bonfire being lit and 30 minutes of noisy but pretty fireworks. We had some dinky doughnuts that were absolutely delisious, some honeycomb and some candyfloss. It was a lovely night with all 3 of us together allthough we couldnt wait to get home and put the heating on.

This week's musts are…

Must Watch... Bobs Burgers. This is a hilarious adult animation. If you like the Simpsons or family guy you will love this.

Must listen to/read... The Girl On The Train By Paula Hawkins

Must Buy... Im definitely treating myslef to one of these! How amazing would it be to have a heated blanket for the sofa? YES PLEASE! Luxury Heated Throw

Must Visit... Abi From You Baby Me Mummy I swear this woman is a saint! She has loads of blogging tips and courses and to be honest is one of the nicest people that i have ever spoken to online. She's pure inspiration and a huge roll model to smaller bloggers like myself. Thanks for all of your help Abi xx

Have a lovely week everyone.
Rachel  Xx


Weekly Wonders! is a post series created by Charlotte over at
Check out her post for the Linky party and to meet the other participants, make sure to visit as many other blogs as possible to keep the linky love going!

Monday, 31 October 2016

How To Save Money And Get Cash Back

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Whenever I purchase something online the first thing I do before entering my details is check cash back sites.

There is a variety of cash back sites floating around the Internet but there are only two that I consistently use and check.

Being able to buy online and have items delivered to my door is without a doubt my favourite perk of having the world wide web. I have far too many things to do in a day without traipsing round the shops with heavy bags trying to find the best deal. I'm far too lazy for that and to be perfectly honest with you I would rather buy something whilst snuggled up on the sofa or tucked up in bed. I've even bought a couple of Christmas presents whilst waiting for my daughter to come out of school!

What can be better than that?


As if the Internet isn't great enough it has brought us cash back websites! Not only can I get a great deal online from the comfort of my home and have someone bring it to my door, I am going to get some money back for doing it!

You can receive cash back on just about anything that you can buy online such as Insurance, groceries, Internet packages, contract phones, takeaways, utilities and holidays. The list goes on!

If you buy anything online you need cash back sites in your life and if you don't purchase online then why not? You really don't know what you're missing out on!

TopCashBack is my favourite but that's probably because they run little extras a few times a year where you can win cash by browsing their site in search of little birds. You click the bird and win a prize. So far i have seen Christmas, Easter and Halloween treasure hunts and they are definitely worth entering as there are some big prizes to be won.

Please consider using my referral link to sign up to TopcashBack 

This would earn me £10 Cash back and you will receive  a £5 amazon gift card too after your first confirmed purchase.

Quidco is the other cash back site that i use. The cash back amount generally tends to be equal to topcashback but it is always worth checking as sometimes you may get an exclusive deal with one and not the other.

Please consider using my referral link to sign up to Quidco.

I have generously shared my bonus with you so that once you have earned your first £5 cash back we will both receive a further £5 each.

Quite often i would forget to use the cash back sites so I now have a post it not on my laptop screen and computer monitor so that i don't forget.

There is nothing technical involved all you have to do is visit either quidco or TopCashBack first then search the store that you are wanting to buy from. Click through to the site so that your purchase can be registered then once the cash back site has confirmed your purchase they will then set a date for your cash back to be credited into your account. You can then cash out to paypal, bank transfer or even amazon vouchers!

If you are already signed up i would love for you to let me know what you think of them in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Rachel Xx